Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss Benefits, Recipe and Instruction

Firstly, and before talking about Cinnamon and honey weight loss or before and after weight loss, we need to talk about the cinnamon and honey that we need in the diet and the best products we can use.


The cinnamon we need in our diet should be organic, the organic cinnamon is nourishing and warming for the kidneys.


Many people know well that the honey bees is the only food in our planet that don't rot or spoil. It have a special feature that allows honey to turn to sugar as some people call. You just have to avoid boiling honey or even putting it in the microwave, that's because doing so will kill the enzymes in the honey which we need and the honey so. In other words, the greatest benefits in the honey will be found by finding unprocessed, untreated, unhealed honey bee.

Benefits of Following Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss Diet:

This is a simple recipe that can help you in your weight loss which was created or devised by honey and cinnamon. You may didn't think before that honey can make you lose weight, but the truth is that honey is very effective and useful food for weight loss, that's because the honey is a simple sugar and contains minerals, vitamins, nutrients and not a refined or processed sugar. It is really helpful and important to you.

 The benefits of eating honey aren't just so, it has a healthier GI (Glycemic Index) comparing to sugar, this feature makes honey don't cause a sugar rush like eating traditional sugar, on the contrary, honey is progressively absorbed and gradually into our bodies. Honey also help speeding up and boosting the metabolism that help your body to burn fat and lose weight at the end.

On the other hand, we intend to use cinnamon in weight loss, because it increase the metabolism of glucose and stabilize the levels of blood sugar in our bodies, because the low blood glucose levels can lead to decreased the storage of fat. Cinnamon also help improving the insulin function that makes you lose weight easily.

Cinnamon and honey weight loss diet will not help you to lose unneeded pounds or kilograms, this recipe will also help cleaning your digestive track from fungus and parasites. In the same time, you will have a feeling of satiety and fullness because of stabilizing blood sugar levels by virtue of honey, which result in less food cravings.

Ingredients of Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss Recipe:

1 tsp of organic cinnamon + 1 tbsp of organic honey bees.
In other words, two parts of honey and one part of cinnamon.

Cinnamon and Honey Weight Loss Recipe Instruction:

Boil 1 cup of water.
Put the cinnamon in a bowl.
Pour the hot water over the cinnamon in the bowl.
Steep for about 15 minutes.
After cooling the liquid, you can add the honey to save the enzymes of the raw honey as we mentioned before.
Drink this recipe twice a day, 1/2 cup in the morning and another one in the evening (before going to bed), but pay attention to take it on an empty stomach.


1-    You may experience better sex drive and more energy.

2-    We advice to ask your health care provider or health practitioner before starting of following any new diet to be sure that it is suitable for you.


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